Jeff, if you think they give short shrift to American whiskey on their website, I can assure you that it is often much worse in the store. Too many LCBO outlets in Ontario (my section of it anyway) seem quite confused by anything that isn't JD.
OK in the larger stores, there is some decent selection - mostly Bufallo Trace, Jack Daniels and Beam products. Other distilleries have bottlings present, but not a great selection. Nothing from from Heaven Hill or Barton. Bulleit, Rebell Yell, Woodford Reserve, Wild Turkey, and red wax Makers Mark ends what you can expect.

Vintages is a program that brings in limited shipments of fine spirits and wines, so sometimes we can get something like Corner Creek or Rare Breed. That's about it in the larger stores.

In the smaller stores, the selection is much smaller. JD and perhaps Beam white label will be the extent of the selection. However, you can always get your smaller store to ship you something in from the bigger stores, and the inventory is accessable on-line (although not always up to date).