A yellow gold-coloured whiskey, with a full Canadian nose (butterscotch, oak, spice). The leaflet states "Aged 10 Years".

The flavour is rich and clean, this is an expertly blended whisky with a soft mouth feel but a robust finish. There is clearly some low proof rye and perhaps corn (bourbon) whisky in here, married to a high proof yet well-aged, tasty base. There is something in the taste and nose that reminds me of American straight rye (that "damask" effect) but moderated of course since this is Canadian whisky.

This is very good, it reminds me of Crown Royal I've had from the 1950's. This is as good as Canadian whisky can be yet still fall within its traditional precincts of mildness, butterscotch, light spice.

An excellent neat sipper, much better than many Canadians I know (somewhat like Crown Royal Limited Edition in style for those who know that brand but richer, sweeter).

An excellent effort from Constellation Brands, well-done (especially considering the value, in American money it barely reaches $20).


N.B. Bumph on the accompanying leaflet: "We make our whisky in batches of less than 100 barrels using a small batch, hand-crafted process to absolutely ensure the premium quality of our product... Danfield's Private Reserve Canadian Whisky is only kept in Warehouse Number Two - nestled between our other warehouses to protect it from Canadian winter winds".