I helped a friend move recently, and in his old house we found a December 1945 issue of the Santa Rosa Press Democrat, our local paper (and now owned by the New York Times).
A couple advertisements caught my eye. One was a toy store ad heralding the latest "high tech" toys ... none of which costs more than $2.10. The other was a liquor store add which was interesting for a couple reasons.
First, it seems "brown" liquor was all the rage then. Vodka and gin got very little space in the add but "whiskey" constituted the bulk. Now to my point; the average price of a fifth of brown booze was $3.60 in the ad. We're talking Canadian Lord Calvert and Seagram's 7 here, there was nothing recognizable as "bourbon".It seems that prices are roughly about 2.5 times that level currently, meaning that alcohol has dropped considerably in price in the last fifty years.
Any Comments?


Jim Butler