I've just finished reading Chuck Cowdery's article "Was Dr. James C. Crow the Real Father of Bourbon Whiskey?" in the latest edition of "The Bourbon Country Reader" for about the forth time. If you haven't read it contact Chuck, as this is a must read.

I do consider Dr. Crow to be the Father of Modern Day Bourbon, and consider the Oscar Pepper Distillery( now known as Labrot & Graham) where Dr. Crow worked as sacred soil.

Scientists usually keep notes of their experiments, and provide drawings of their apprattus. Does anyone know if Dr.Crow wrote such a notebook? If so who has it now? The Pepper family? Or maybe the Taylor family? Now that would be an interesting read!

Take those notes and the original Old Crow / Old Pepper recipes and run them through that copper pot mini-still from Michter's that David Beam now owns and you'd have some damn fine bourbon to drink! Cheap too if you don't tell the Feds!

Linn Spencer

Have Shotglass. Will Travel.