Found this in Winnipeg, Manitoba on a family visit here. Poor bourbon selection here by the way, just WT, Rare Breed, Woodford and Knob Creek (that I saw), maybe Beam White too - good bourbons but too few of them! The Canadian ryes are better represented, and we are in Prairie country, so that is expected (touring around the University of Manitoba - the car stalls had posts on which electric outlets were provided - for block heaters in the tough winters here - I saw with satisfaction a building called, "Centre of Cereal Research" - got to make sure the ergot stays out of the rye. They must be doing a good job because our rye whiskies are clean-tasting but not always rich in character. The subject whisky is a rare single cask offering - diminished however by just 40% ABV. The taste was a little spiky, there are some good flavours but they don't seem that intergrated. There was light spice character too but I could not detect much of the rich malty taste promised by the label. I think this product would be more distinctive at 100 proof or higher, but at 40% ABV it tastes much like many other Canadian whiskies I know. The new Danfield's I mentioned earlier and Wiser's Special Edition offer much more interest in my view, more flavour and depth. Oh well. I should have bought the Maple Leaf-produced brand I saw, this is a locally made product, and possibly it offers more taste and depth than the Canadian norm of which Century is quite representative. I might pick it up before I leave tomorrow. Century does put out excellent whisky though, its 21 year old is rich and full, and its 15 year old is very nice, too. Those are older than the 13 year old, of course, and have the benefit of good blending which Canadian whisky benefits from, I think. I asked a clerk in one of the stores here, "where is the Century line is made?", he did not know (he told me confidently there are only two distilleries left in Canada -wha...?) but I think it is from a company in British Columbia, the successor to Potter's of Kelowna, I believe. Potter's hasn't operated in many years and some Century whisky (according to Michael Jackson's new book, Whisk(e)y) is from the original Potter stocks and some is bought in bulk from other distilleries. I'm not sure where the 13 year old Century cask came from.