Spring Stagg.

I am drinking my second pour of Spring Stagg of the evening. Lovely. Nice, balanced spice of which the dominate note is cinnamon backed up with a lovely fruitiness. Complex. I can't parse out all the flavors. Nice alcohol burn on the tongue without an uncomfortable burn when swallowed. No water tonight.

This was not my first impression. I was put off at first. ( I am more than half way through my second bottle) It seemed simple, hot, burned my throat. When I added water to get it down to around 100 proof it was drinkable, good even, but not really a favorite. Why? I think in part it was due to what I had eaten earlier in the day, whether I had had heartburn earlier, whether I had had a lot to drink the day before.

I haven't had much to drink this week. One night I had a few pours at my favorite bar (Eagle Rare 17, Wild Turkey 12 from a nice decanter, different from the 12 you I have had before, and a pour of Ardbeg 1977. Wonderful single malt.) I came home and had a pour of Stagg. And it was great! Tonight, it is Great!

Until now I was thinking that I would give the Fall Stagg a pass, but now I think I will have to order some.

I do have a question for those of you who have had both the Spring and Fall 2005 Stagg (Maybe no one as I am writing this, that will soon change!) How do they compare? Is one or the other better? Are they similar or different?