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    Re: Very Old Fitzgerald

    I sat in on some meetings on that bottle when I first joined my Dad in the late 70's, early 80's. Mike's right. There were actually Weller, Old Fitz and Rebel Yell decanters made. We were trying to add a David Nicholson "1843" decanter at the time. My family owned that St. Louis label then.

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    Re: Very Old Fitzgerald

    Thanks Chuck, I sure like them Stitzel-Weller bottlings.I remember your posting of your favorite desert island choice being Old Fitz BIB and i have to say that i agree 100%. Mike, I'm glad you've been busy, cause there is nothing better than A GOOD WOMAN especially the one you described. I appreciate the info on that Old Fitz 101.
    Julian, i sure would like to find them bottle decanters of Weller,Rebel yell and 1843 bottle decanters to go with my collection of wheated bourbons.I also bought your 13yr old family reserve rye, and it is exquisite even though everyone knows i am a wheated bourbon fan. Thanks!--Life is good--Den.



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