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Thread: VG production

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    VG production

    When I read the posting of BT's honor of Distillery of the Year(congrats ), I noticed the Fredricksburg, VA location as a Sazerac holding. I remember having read in a post that BT now made the white dog that went there for redistillation...it struck me that at one point HH had produced that for them.

    After doing some quick research into it I found the post about the sale to BT, and a book reference(J. Murray, 1997) of HH providing the white dog, and also two different mashbill listings(rye based-J. Murray and wheat in tasting noted in this forum).

    I was hoping that someone would help clear this up for me-
    Did HH ever produce the white dog for VG?
    If so, when was the production switch to BT?
    Does it use wheat or rye as a small grain?

    Also I had another thought run into my head while researching this-could this be the fifth mashbill that BT makes? Several reputable sources have said that BT makes five, and I had always thought that that meant BT #1, BT #2, Rye, Wheat and vodka. Though they could easily use BT #1 or #2 or the wheat(depending on what type of mashbill is used), seems like to maintain flavor profile they would need a mashbill to match the previous VA-produced whiskey.

    Thanks again

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    Re: VG production

    BTD has furnished a rye recipe white dog to VG for a few years. It is very probable that HH provided the whiskey prior to us. I really don't know when we became the sole supplier.


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    Re: VG production

    Thanks Ken



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