So there have been several discussions of favorites and long lists of these produced. A recent post turned that around and asked which high priced bourbons are not worth their asking price. I found that question interesting but most of the answers were to the affirmative eg - things that ARE worth their asking price.

But it brought up yet one more iteration.... If you could choose only one Bourbon (for a year, for 10 years, for life.....) Which would it be?? The Bourbon would cost what it does now but it would be available to you where you live in the quantity you require.

No restrictions other than you can only afford how much you can afford. You choose your criteria, flavor profile, cost, whatever. You may want: Lots of a cheaper pour. Less of a more expensive offering. Almost none of something very exotic. Lots of something exotic (and you're taking out a second mortgage )

Now I realize this is not the bent of most people on this forum. Most of us enjoy a wide range of offerings and have pours for certain weather, certain moods, certain food etc. etc. But if you could only have one! (and no trading with folks who choose something else )

I choose Kentucky Spirit. Altough not cheap, I can pretty much afford the amount I wish to drink daily and it is very nearly the prefect Bourbon, to me. Well balanced, rich and sophisticated with a great kick, complex patale and killer finish. I'm good!