I just purchased a bottle of Sazerac 18yr Rye, Fall 2005 Bottling. This stuff is rich, flavorful, smooth - wow it's good. Although, it is quite expensive. I had never seen it before in the stores and I have been wanting to try it. After 20 minutes of pacing around the liquor store, I bought the last of a small allotment that the owner had. Now, I've been drinking bourbon for years and I know the basics - 51%> corn, charred white oak barrels, 4 plus years if not otherwise stated, etc.,etc. I really have no idea what Rye is. Can some one tell me (a) what the rules are for a whiskey to be a rye and (b) what are the specifics of how Sazerac is made? As much as I like this stuff, I might have to start buying rye (my wife already thinks I have way too much bourbon - so this is bad news for her).