Ok, maybe can't is the wrong word, but I don't drink it for different reasons.

Reason #1; Out of production, my last unopened bottle. RR101, ER10, WT Freedom, ORVW15/107, If I drink it it will be gone, forever.

Reason #2; Out of production, opened. Once it is gone, I will have one less bottle in my collection, somehow diminishing it's coolness.

Reason #3: I paid how much for that? The Pappy's, the Distillers Masterpiece. That must be saved for "special" times.

Reason #4; One bottle left and it isn't good enough to replace. EW 1783, Old Charter Bonded, Makers Mark, If I drink them my collection will be smaller.

Reason #5; Still in production but real hard to get; Blantons barrel strength, Buffalo Trace, WT Heritage. I may not get another Blantons for a long time, so I better not drink it.

Reason #6 Yuckkk. Beam White, Jack Daniels, Jim Beam Small Batch.

That means that most nights it is OGD BIB, Beam Black, EC 12, ETL, EWSB (current edition), Wellers 12, or Corner Creek. A nice mix, but only a fraction of what is in the bar.