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Thread: Elmer T Lee???

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    Elmer T Lee???

    Is it that good? Ok, I have tried a lot of fine middle and top shelf bourbons such as:

    Elijah Craig 12
    Old Weller 12
    Old Weller Antique
    Old Rip Van Winkle 10 yr
    Pappy Van Winkle Family Reserve 15
    Old Grand Dad BIB
    Old Grand Dad 114
    Wild Turkey 101
    Wild Turkey Rare Breed
    Eagle Rare 101
    Eagle Rare 10 yr
    George T Stagg Sping 2005
    Knob Creek

    Now, I like the hotter and wheater bourbons.
    My Favorate pour for the money is Old Weller Antique, but its out everywhere I look. I am nursing a bottle of Pappy 15 as we speak, and have some Rare Breed also.

    Is Elmer T Lee worth $28? I do like flavor filled bourbon, but might miss the burn of a 100+ proofer or the sweatness of Old Rip Van Winkle or Pappys 15, or Old Weller.

    So... thoughts? Commments?

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    Re: Elmer T Lee???

    Well, Geo, you won't lose out on the sweetness side of things that's for sure. ETL is one of the sweetest bourbons I have had. I have had several bottles and think I have had ETL from two different barrels. One was great and the second is superlative. The second is the spiciest bourbon I have ever had. The first was milder.

    Is it worth US$28. I would say definitely, to me anyway. At 90 proof it isn't wimpy. That is not to say I wouldn't like to try a barrel proof ETL, just that it isn't wimpy. And if you need the burn, then keep a fiery one on hand, too.

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    Re: Elmer T Lee???

    or the sweatness of Old Rip Van Winkle or Pappys 15, or Old Weller.

    So... thoughts? Commments?
    Did you really mean sweatness ???

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    Re: Elmer T Lee???

    With very limited experience, I may become a dissenter on Elmer T. Lee.
    I bought my first bottle just last night -- a newer, gold-foil one after having tasted it only at the Gazebo a couple of times, where you drink so many things it's hard to judge any singly -- and brought it home and opened it.
    Corn is what first struck me in the nose (no real surprise there, except its prominence), and continued to be an underlying veneer on the palate.
    I had no trouble whatsoever finishing the drink. It's not 'bad'. Didn't wow me, though, either. Of course, I realize another bottle from another barrel may well please me.
    Over $30 around here, even before 9.25% sales tax.

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    Re: Elmer T Lee???

    To me, ETL's specialties are sweetness and dark flavors. Its like Blanton's plus concentrated flavors at a much more attractive price. To me, it compares very favorably with my all-time favorite, the first release of Old Forester Birthday Bourbon (1989/2002 edition), but again at a much better price.

    Sadly, ETL is not sold in my state. I have to go to great lengths (literally) to get it. When I do, I try to make it last as long as possible.


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    Re: Elmer T Lee???

    I've not had it, it's not available in Georgia, but if it were, I'd happily pay $28 to try it, solely on the strength of posts here. After all, there are only 4 or 5 on your list that cost more than that here, and I've bought some of them sight untasted, on the same basis.

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    Re: Elmer T Lee???

    I hear you Tim. ETL is not my pour of choice either. I like it fine and it's priced well enough (if I could in fact buy it here) but it just doesn't have the balance of Kentucky Spirit, to me. I like the bold smooth depth with bite. I don't know how Jimmy does it but I'm glad he does. And like you and Gary, I understand how people would pick it first. I guess mostly, to me, it's just too sweet.


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    Re: Elmer T Lee???

    Is Elmer T Lee worth $28? I do like flavor filled bourbon, but might miss the burn of a 100+ proofer or the sweatness of Old Rip Van Winkle or Pappys 15, or Old Weller.

    I really like ETL, but is it worth $28? I don't know. I can get it around here on sale for $17. At that price, it's becoming my regular pour. My other favorites include Weller 12yo and Eagle Rare 101 (and now the 10yo SB), all of which can be had for under $20 here. I think I'd find other regulars if any of them were in the $28 range.




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