I'm rather surprised that I haven't found any sites dedicated to reviews about brandies. I can find a huge selection of them in Chicagoland, and there are some (e.g. Courvoisier) that are heavily advertised, yet reviews are hard to find.

When I've tried them, I've steered away from the heavily advertised brands. I'm interested in quality, not "bling-bling" (whatever that is).

The two I've tried are Guy Lhéraud Cognac (the VSOP Fine Petite Champagne version), and Domaine Le Basque Bas-Armagnac. I've had their Hors d'Âge (=XO) version and loved it - and now I have a 1982 vintage, bottled 2004, that I'll be opening soon. Both of them are small producers, and their prices are quite reasonable.

Does anyone else here have any recommendations (or ones to avoid)? I would certainly recommend the ones I've tried so far, in any case. Darroze Armagnacs look very interesting, but carry a hefty price premium; are they worth it? And then I've seen Ararat (an Armenian brandy) that's available at a rather low price...