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    Dougdogs\' Whiskey Rebarreling...

    This post is to facilitate an exchange of knowledge and theory. It is an experiment from which to learn. I'm starting off simple at first for gathering a "baseline" of information to launch other variations in future projects.

    My beginning goal, stated simply, is to "condition" the barrel(s) to allow for an introduction of selected, premium, younger whiskies to mature for lengthy periods of time...hopefully, making them better and/or more interesting. After the barrels are "done" aging Bourbon, possibly 10-20 years from now, I intend to further age SMSW. (Single Malt Scotch whisky) Using what I have learned here to hopefully make that successful too.

    Thanks to all who have posted information in various places here on this site that has led up to this current place in time.

    The barrels, 3 gallon and 5 gallons, were brought over to the "Study Group" last evening by Roger. (11-19-05)(Thanks Roger!) Both barrels are heavy char #3. (One can hear the bits of charcoal that are loose inside when the barrels are rolled or shaken.)

    I intend to fill the first barrel today. I'm going to start with the small one. I'm using Ancient Age for two main reasons. First, it is relatively inexpensive. (14.99 per 1.75 liters) Second, I believe that this particular whiskey will do rather well with additional ageing.

    After evaluating the time frames and tasting results when this AA is finally removed, the barrel will be filled again for round two. More will be known about what kind of whiskies will be chosen for the second fill after evaluating the results of taste and time from the first fill. There could be a third and final fill for the long haul, but that won't be considered to heavily at this point in time until more is known.

    The "conditioning" mentioned above, is to now use inexpensive bourbon to prepare the barrel for more select bourbon, long term aging. After the "final" bourbon is matured, 10-20 years from now, additional conditioning could be done to prepare the cask for SMSW. The types of consideration for influencing the barrel might come from rums, wines, ports, Sherries or other similar products...time will tell.

    Please post your comments or suggestions...I'd like to know what you think!

    Best regards, dougdog
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