Well, Doug's samples arrived today....

First - Doug's Blend Barrel #2 -
Sight - very leggy - Nice! Med dark amber.
Nose - Wonderful nose - very bright - almost floral
Palate - Sweet and smooth, still with the floral notes, a touch of burn (a desirable burn - IMO) with touches of pecan.... interesting
Finish - Med. Continuation of the palate that diminishes in 20-30sec leaving a slight alcohol taste behind. Interesting as the overall experience was a bit "older" but it finished kinda young.

Second - Ancient Age Barrel #1
Sight - Med amber - slightly leggy
Nose - Sweet, notes of oak, corn and a slight touch of spice
Palate - Sweet and smooth, very oaky (not smokey but oak wood) and a touch "sappy" and a bit of maple flavor
Finish - Short and smooth. No alcohol taste, with final notes of Maple.

Thanks Doug! Nicely done.

What a treat.