Of course it's the holidays and many people have egg nog sitting around the house, so I thought I'd see what everyone does with it-alcohol related of course.

Now I know most people put whiskey in it, but I put my post in the non-whiskey area because I made an interesting mix tonight. After opening my last bottle of Sam Adams Triple Bock, and finding it had a bad cork and was disappointingly undrinkable, I decided I still needed a dessert-style drink. Though I drank some WT RR 101 spiked egg nog while cooking today, that didn't seem to be where I wanted to go. Looking in the fridge I saw a bottle of Guiness Extra Stout and the jug of egg nog had seemed to migrate towards each other, and I thought "what the hell, an ounce of each to try it won't hurt"- at first I thought that this was going to be an ugly-looking drink, but it mixed to a nice chocolate milk color. This is a suprisingly drinkable combo, though I think it might be better with the beer I use for beer floats (Yes, beer and ice cream) Stoney Creek Vanilla Porter.

I think I've been paying too much attention to the Gillmanizing posts and suddenly see everything as having possiblities.