My liquor collection has recently grown (just) into the triple digits, and my wife was starting to razz me about the overflow from our IKEA bakers' rack that was all over the floor in the corner of our family room. It was time, as the commercials say, for better IKEA.

Lo and behold, we found it; of course, it was in the "office furniture" section. For those of you perusing the catalog or a store, it's the ALVE corner computer workstation. It's essentially a 37" equliateral triangle with the corners squared off, and it's 79" high. There is a 27" or so tall bottom compartment, then a main shelf and two adjustable shelves in the upper compartment (all three shelves can be set at at least 16" clearance to accomodate even the tallest grappa bottles). And it HOOVERs bottles. I put an 18-bottle wine rack in the back of the bottom shelf for back-stock, all my 1.75Ls and liqueurs (and mixing brandies) in the bottom, about 45 bottles of mid-grade stuff on the main shelf (which covers the whole interior--though the bottles don't), and about 20 bottles each on the upper shelves--one shelf whiskey, the other for grappa/brandy/marc/cognac/armagnac, rum, and tequila.

And last, but not least, the workstation comes with a pull-out keyboard tray. But this one's flat, not tilted like a lot of them. Pull-out service tray! I'm getting a small rectangle of plate glass cut to cover it.

We had priced custom-built bars designed to handle and display this level of stock, and most were between $1500-$3000. This workstation, with extra wine rack and plate glass, came to under $400. Assembly wasn't easy (my wife, who's the handy one--I cook--did most of it, and it took about 4 hours), but it didn't required power tools or any ridiculous intuition. I'll try to get a picture up later.