I know this sounds like a goofy post in a place where people drink bourbon for the taste of the bourbon but it occurred to me there might be some reason why some of the cheaper brands are used for what they are used for.

Right now I only have two bottles in stock in my home one being Old Crow and the other being Evan Williams Black Label. My intention is to get some Jim Beam Black label next but working with what I have now, I had been adding diet sprite to the Evan Williams and it was damn good. Today I thought, why not 'not throw away' the Old Crow I bought (dirt cheap) and mix IT with the Diet Sprite.

Well, I will say the drink it makes is quite awesome. None of the Undesirables of the Old Crow are evident when it is mixed with some Sprite! If a person is going to drink Bourbon and Sprite, Old Crow is an awesome Bourbon!

Now I am curious about others who MIX their bourbon.

I recognize that when I tasted the 7YO beam it was pretty darn good on the rocks. I thought bourbon was something I'd begin to drink.

Now I am finding that drinking Cheaper Bourbon when adding to Sprite could actually be PREFERABLE to drinking the more expensive stuff.

So I ask you, if you were to make mixed drinks with Bourbon, which Bourbon would be the best?