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Thread: Rock Hill Farms

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    Re: Rock Hill Farms

    Rock Hill Farms is made by Buffalo Trace. With the exception of Stagg, I tend to stay away from high priced Buffalo Trace products. The reason is that "Buffalo Trace" is so good, and it doesn't cost that much even after paying UPS charges from Chicago.

    So I've never had Rock HIll Farms. Can somebody tell me how it compares to "Buffalo Trace."


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    Re: Rock Hill Farms

    I would buy all the RHF I could afford at $30. I paid $52 for my bottle at a large store in Kentucky. It is among the five or ten best bourbons I have ever had.


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    Re: Rock Hill Farms

    Well, for all of you who recommended I pick up a bottle of RHF...Thank you!!!

    I got a bottle earlier today and I just tried it a few minutes ago. This is some damn good stuff. I definitely put it in my top 5 bourbons along with Eagle Rare 10, Van Winkle 12, Eagle Rare 17, and Buffalo Trace (or maybe Elmer T Lee).

    Granted, I haven't tried a ton of bourbons, but this is definitely among the best I've had.



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