Any comments on this? I looked at what few old posts I could find, and it sounds as though this is not Van Winkle whiskey (I'll check the city o when I get back to that store). Which is too bad, as I have never had any VW rye, despite looking a lot, and might be willing to spring for the $90 or so it would cost me on that basis alone. But even as a generous gift to myself in the holiday spirit(s), that's getting a bit extreme for me. I haven't spent much more than $50 on anything, which is what my Saz cost me. Then again, that's the only bottle of Saz I've seen, and if I could find another, I might spend $90 just for the priviledge of being able to drink Saz without thinking that I had to hoard every drop.

Anyway, comments? Descriptions? I know value is individual, but is the BMH that valuable to you?