I live in upstate NY and last weekend I took a trip down to Englewood NJ. The first thing I like to do whenever I travel out of state is check out the local liquor stores for bourbon that I don't see around here. I stopped into a store down there and found two bottles I have never seen, The first is Heaven Hill 10 yr 86 proof Kentucky straight bourbon whiskey. The label is black also says "Absolutely nothing finer" and "no better bourbon made"
The Second Bottle is Heaven Hill Old Style Bourbon, No Age, 80 proof. The label is white and also says "Mild and Mellow because it is charcoal filtered" The bottles are 750ML and were $8.99 each. My question is, are these common? I did a google search and can't find either. I'm sipping the 10 yr now, not too bad, especially considering the price.