There has been a lot of talk about bad bottles of Elijah Craig 12 yo. I don't know. Before my last bottle I would have said that was unlikely. However, I didn't enjoy my last bottle as much as I have earlier bottles. Nothing really wrong with it. No metallic taste. Just drier than I remember earlier bottles being. I thought my tastes might have changed a bit. I have been enjoying Elmer T Lee, which is much sweeter. Also, I have been enjoying many other Heaven Hill bourbons that are sweeter than their EC 12 with more prominent cookie spice as opposed to EC's menthol.

Oh, I just remembered that the bottle of EC 12 I had while I was home in the States this summer seemed different to me than the bottles I had drunk in Japan. I don't remember how it was different. I thought it was different diet, different setting with different aromas in the atmosphere, etc. Again, it wasn't bad and the difference was fairly subtle.

I finished off my open bottle last night and will open the new bottle this week. That should give me some idea if it was me or the bottle. Don't get me wrong, I enjoyed the last bottle, especially over the last couple of weeks.