I'm new to bourbon and, man, already I'm starting to accumulate bottles on the shelf. My concern is open bottles. I'm enjoying tasting different bourbons, but is it safe to open the bottles and have them sit after initial opening, while I taste and enjoy a bit here and there? Are there cork issues I should be aware of? What's the general life span, if it is limited at all, that a bourbon will stay at its potential after opening?

BTW, so far I have a bottle of Elijah Craig 12, Eagle Rare 10, Russell's Reserve 101(an extra unopened bottle that I'm giving away for Christmas as well), and now a bottle of Elmer T Lee. That should last me a while, but I can't help but be pulled toward different bottles every time I visit the store. Christmas is coming up and there's a bottle of Rock Hill that looks really nice. Then again, that Stagg 141 is looking interesting as well.

Does it ever stop? Do you ever find the one or two pours that just do it for you? Or is this an unending and ever changing quest I've unwittingly undertaken.