Does anyone know how to tell the date the bottle was made by the numbers on the bottom of the bottle?

Basically I'm trying to figure out if some ORVW 10 107 I came across is old enough to be S-W whiskey, it's Lawrenceburg bottled and Julian said in a past post that they switched to Bernhiem "last spring"(comment on 1-28-05).
Can't remember when the switch to bottling at BT was but the timeline here would be close. I figure that any bottles bought one year would probably be used in a short time.

The bottom of the bottle says:
11 3(circled) A 98

Anybody know how to read that?

Should I go get the other bottles?

Edit: I was originally thinking that it might be the circled 3 would be the date, but grabbing an empty ORVW 15 it has 23 circled in the same spot. The other one I think could be the bottle year is the 98 at the end on the 15yo bottle this is 02.