OK, Granted that 7UP tastes good with Bourbon..... I have discovered how to be able to drink bourbon I THOUGHT was hard to drink. Just add water! Then its the taste of the actual bourbon with a bit of the rough bite missing.

Now I am wondering how you all do it as well. Do you add water too?

I remember how my father drank scotch which was he used a taller glass which was sort of a mug actually. Sort of looked like a beer mug, but instead of a glass handle is was like a taller rocks glass with a leather handle on it. He would add water to his scotch on the rocks. The scotch he was drinking was a 'scotch buy' type scotch.... a lesser expensive scotch.

Now I am finding that while the more premium Elijah Craig is certainly easier to drink than the Evan Williams 7YO, what makes ANY Bourbon difficult to drink is eased by the addition of water. I am wondering if you all have likewise found this to be true.


Paul (new at Bourbon)