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    Arrow Please rate these Bourbons for me??

    Hi all,
    I would really appreciate it if I can get a rating from SB'ers on the products listed below, please feel free to include a VERY brief note too...
    Please rate out of 5, being 5 for a top drop and 1 for leaving on the shelf or for when the in-laws drop by

    Please note, price is not the consideration just the liquid.....
    - Evan Williams 23yr old
    - Elijah Craig 18yr old
    - Evan Williams 12yr old Red
    - Old Fitzgerald 12yr old
    - Henry McKenna Single Barrel 10yr old
    - Old Fitzgerald 1849 10yr old
    - Rittenhouse Rye
    - Evan Williams 1783
    - Old Fitzgerald 100 Proof


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    The only one of those I have ever had is the Henry McKenna, which I would rate a 4. It is quite good, but not one of my top favorites. I have an open bottle of it, now.

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    Well Tim I will have to see what I can do about that....
    When I come over I do plan on having a bit of a get together with some folk, hope you can make it! It will hopefully be for the sampler but if I don't get to that I would like to arrange something....?



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    Hmm, rating bourbons? I usually have no prob making a favs list but putting numbers on things is a bit more difficult. The two elder Evan Williams are export only so I've never had the pleasure, but I've had the rest, though some it has been a while.

    EC 18: 3-3.5 never been a fav of mine, but I've always liked it
    VSOF 12: 4 while it can be a little one dimensional it's always been a great dessert bourbon for me
    McKenna: been too long, I can't recall. Must put it on a to try again list
    1849: 3-4 though it's a 8yo(or was before it lost the age statement) that score keeps going up when you realize how good the price is.
    Ritt Rye: 4 and I'll even give the 80 a 3 I'd give Beam rye a 2.5(after all any rye's better than no rye at all) and Old Overholt would get 3-3.5
    1783: 2-3 there's always been a little something in this bottling that keeps me from going "Oh, Yeah!"
    Old Fitz BIB:4 I like the youth here for some reason

    I'm not sure why you're asking about all the HH prducts here but you may also like to consider Very Rare Old Heaven Hill 10yo BIB: 4 always something to leave KY with.
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    Melbourne, Victoria - Australia
    Umm..just asking for my own personal reference

    I am most definately looking at other offerings/bottlings/labels/brands but for the moment I am mainly interested in these products....

    Really appreciate the feedback, thankyou!


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    My two cents:

    - Evan Williams 23yr old
    5, Really amazing.(Remember I'm partial to over-aged bourbons).

    - Elijah Craig 18yr old
    2, Only had one bottle, it was way past its prime. Believe other bottlings may be better.

    - Very Old Fitzgerald 12yr old
    1, HH-version. Don't know if it was a bad bottle, but it was easily the worst bourbon I've ever tasted. Smelled like rotten wood.

    - Old Fitzgerald 1849 8yr old
    3, Very nice and tasty. Not overly complex.


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    - Evan Williams 23yr old- Dunno. I wish it weren't so expensive.

    - Elijah Craig 18yr old- Not sure. I have never bought a bottle. I really like it at my favorite bar. Maybe a 3.5 or a 4.

    - Evan Williams 12yr old Red- I really like this. A solid 4, sometimes it is a 5. I like this better than the EW Single Barrels I have had.

    - Old Fitzgerald 12yr old- Dunno.

    - Henry McKenna Single Barrel 10yr old- Dunno. I want to try this.

    - Old Fitzgerald 1849 10yr old- I had some of this (8 year old) tonight. It's a 3. Sometimes, not often, it is the perfect pour, I guess that would be a 5 on those days. I would rate it higher, but I've only had one bottle. I don't often visit this bottle.

    - Rittenhouse Rye- Dunno. I really, really want to try this, but I have never seen it.

    - Evan Williams 1783- Dunno.

    - Old Fitzgerald 100 Proof- It's a 1. I didn't like it when we did this as the bottle of the month. I have only been back to it once or twice since then. I burned my throat so much that I couldn't enjoy the taste, which I thought was nice. But you have to swallow sometime...
    Well, after having written such an unflattering review I had to go and taste it. Burn, but not as bad as I remembered. Added some water, now it is about 80 proof. Nice brown sugar sweetness, with a young rye taste. I just wish it was a lot older. A 2.
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    I have had EC18 and would rate it a 4. It is very smooth but isn't a 5 due to lack of flavor depth. Nevertheless it is a very good bourbon.

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    - Evan Williams 23yr old: not tried
    - Elijah Craig 18yr old: 5
    - Evan Williams 12yr old Red: not tried, EC 12 Y 3
    - Old Fitzgerald 12yr old: 1-2 (very woody)
    - Henry McKenna Single Barrel 10yr old: not tried
    - Old Fitzgerald 1849 10yr old: not tried
    - Rittenhouse Rye: 80 proof 2, 100 proof not tried, 100 proof 10 Y 4 (taste per buck= 5)
    - Evan Williams 1783: not tried
    - Old Fitzgerald 100 Proof: not tried
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    5 - Evan Williams 23yr old - I really like this.
    4 - Elijah Craig 18yr old - Drank 4 or 5 of these and they were all very good
    ? - Evan Williams 12yr old Red - Haven't had it
    3.5 - Old Fitzgerald 12yr old - Has it's moments, but has been inconsistent for me.
    2.5 - Henry McKenna Single Barrel 10yr old - Nothing special average pour.
    ? - Old Fitzgerald 1849 10yr old - Haven't had it
    4 - Rittenhouse Rye - Bold, spicy and full of flavor just as a Rye should be
    3 - Evan Williams 1783 - Just a tad bit better then an everyday pour
    1.5 - Old Fitzgerald 100 Proof - Just doesn't do it for me
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