This is something of a continuation of my recent post regarding adding Ezra B 15 y/o to WT 101.

I wrote that the charred wood taste of the Ezra B dominated even though the ratio was a few drops to a hefty shot. However, I didn't finish the glass that night. I placed a coaster over the mouth of the glass and left it until the next day. When I tasted it again, the taste of the WT was apparent -- quite a change in 24 hours.

I can imagine a few explanations, such as the following:
[*]My taster was functioning differently 24 hours later. [*]Evaporation changed the flavor profile and/or the alcohol content. [*]The flavor elements interacted in a way that changed the perceived flavor profile.

Regarding the third item, I recall from my pipe-smoking days that a custom blend always changed significantly during the first couple of days. My tobacconist friends called this phenomenon "marrying". Sometimes the changes seemed to continue as long as a week. Does anyone have experience on this point in regard to whisk(e)y?

Yours truly,
Dave Morefield