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    Dougdogs\' Dusty Rum Bottles...

    I’ve recently become more interested in Rum…

    A bottle of Sea Wynde, a post from Chuck (CL) titled “What Rum Do You Drink Neat?” and some influence from Tim (TMH), is all it took.

    You can see more about my first Rum-Rhum vertical tasting HERE

    I have found several bottles to get started with. But how did I know what to look for?...Well…The list of what to look for, came from everyone’s’ contribution to CL’s post…Thanks CL! (And all!)

    The picture below shows a few of the first days’ huntin’, they are:

    1. Green Label, Cadenhead bottling, 10yo, 46%, 750ml, Jamaica Rum, white wine color.

    2. Green Label, Cadenhead bottling, 20yo, 46%, 750ml, Jamaica Rum, very dark color.

    3. Pyrat, Superior Blanco, NAS, 40%, 750ml, Anguilla, British West Indies.

    4. Pyrat XO Reserve, NAS, 40%, 750ml, hand numbered bottle 26909LW, Anguilla, British West Indies.

    More to come… Stay tuned!

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