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    Something strange happened in 1792

    A few nights ago, I finished my Ridgemount 1792. It was only a few of months old. There was but a 1 finger pour left. It was very cloudy, like an unfiltered beer. It also, although maybe it was my imagination, somewhat sweeter than I remembered. What gives? Also, while watching the eloquent and prestigious Three Stooges on SpikeTV, they ran a "commercial" for Moe's Special Hair Gel. It was clearly a bottle of 1792 with Moe Howard's face superimposed!

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    I've had a few bottles of 1792 - nice and smooth and sweeter than many (to me anyway). All in all a good introductory bourbon. That said, I haven't noticed any cloudiness or increase in sweetness - beyond the slight changes in my own taste buds day-to-day.
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