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    Balvenie Single Barrel

    I bought a bottle of this a little while ago, and took it with me when I visited my sister and her husband for Christmas. The Ardbeg was to give, the Balvenie to share... anyway, it is a wonderful pour. There's little peat to speak of, so Dane might actually like this one.

    I've noticed an almost champagne-like nose to this bottling. Although the cask type wasn't mentioned, I suspect it was a refill sherry cask, as it had a mildly sherried taste to it - not a sherry bomb like A'Bunadh or Glendronach 15.

    It was a bit on the pricy side (especially by bourbon standards), but I think it was worth it.

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    Re: Balvenie Single Barrel

    The Balvenie 15-year old single barrel is the best scotch I have ever tasted. I wanted to buy a bottle, yesterday, but $65 is too pricy for my budget.


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    Re: Balvenie Single Barrel

    Had some Balvenie 15 single barrel on Christmas day and agree it is excellent! Dane might like it, especially given that it is matured only in ex-bourbon barrels. I don't get any sherry whatsoever, and no peat either, just honey and sweet malt. Great stuff, but not at all like Ardbeg 10, which I always have open because it is probably my favorite SMSW (although Lagavulin 16 and Laphroaig 10 cask strength are also my favorites, depending which is in my glass!) Luckily, Balvenie 15 is cheaper here: $53 locally and $45 on sale up in NH. Cheers, Ed V.

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    Re: Balvenie Single Barrel

    Balvenie is the only drink I actively collect. I have all the Vintage Casks except the '64 which I hope to find this year and '52 ($8,000 or so) which I doubt I'll ever afford. I have it on good authority that the PortWood 21 will be changing packaging and the price will increase considerably so buy it now if you want to keep it in stock. Also the 10yo Founder's Reserve will cease production soon but there is enough stock for a few years.

    So if anyone has a 1964 Vintage Cask, let's deal!

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    Balvenie 15 is my 'go to'

    scotch, the fact it's single barrel keeps it interestingly different.. though it's not my favorite, it's the one I keep the most of on hand.

    I've had the doublewood, and wasn't impressed at all, nor did the 21 Portwood impress me as worth it's cost.. nor in fact as tasty as the 15 year old.

    I wish they offered single barrels of various ages from 12 to 20..

    If my (hearsay) info is correct, the 15 year old is matured exclusively in once used Evan Williams barrels.
    That's some good wood..



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