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    New Years Drinks

    My wife was expecting champagne for tomorrow night but I really can't see it. On top of that she wanted something for my seven year old son (I got started late). And tonite it dawned on me. Shoot!, they drink egg nog on New Years!. That way, my son can have it without alcohol and we can use up some of my Evan Williams Black Label on the Egg Nog. At other times I will try the single barrel or other bourbons with water or neat.

    Curious what your favorite New Years drinks are for drinking and toasting.

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    Re: New Years Drinks

    You have been spending all that money on bourbon, you need to get her a bottle of champagne if she want it. Get her a decent one, too!


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    Re: New Years Drinks

    A good point and one I must remember this eveing, my date and I drink bourbon together all the time, but it's new years after all and that's an evening for some bubbly(but there will be bourbon either before or after(or both).

    The way we all spend money on bourbon, if the other in our lives wants a sparkler than this is not a korbel night get the real thing...after all if we wanted bourbon we wouldn't be happy with some $6 blended.

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    Re: New Years Drinks

    Allow me to throw in a plug for conscientious champagne buying this year. We spend all year ogling little codes and packaging nuances to find that Stitzel-Weller or DSP-KY-14 gem, so for one day, pick up an unfamiliar-looking bottle of Champagne (the real stuff), peer down somewhere near the bottom or edge or the label, and look for a code beginning with "RM-". RM stands for recoltant-manipulant and denotes a grower who makes his own Champagne rather than sells his grapes (or base wines) to the big, impersonal grandes marques. They are small guys that make terroir-specific, expressive, nervy, intricate wines, usually for less than the boring big boys. So score one for the little guy this New Year's Eve and go recoltant. You'll be glad you did.


    PS: For us, it's 1996 Egly-Ouriet tonight.

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    Re: New Years Drinks

    No wife to placate, no champagne on ice, no bourbon in the glass because I'M WORKING ANOTHER HOLIDAY. Yeesh. But I did make a BIG batch of bourbon balls to bring to work with me. Have put a sign up next to them though saying anyone eating more than 3 has to surrender his car keys....

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    Re: New Years Drinks

    Shoot!, they drink egg nog on New Years!. That way, my son can have it without alcohol
    It's a little late for a reply (we spent New Year's Eve stuck in a Reno airport hotel after an incoming flight was too late for a connecting flight to LV and home. Fortunately, I had a couple of bourbon miniatures in my carry on (the bags went ahead and only arrived today), but we had to get up at 3:30 AM for a flight, so I limited myself to one.

    But, anyhow, I hope you considered my father's egg nog recipe that I posted in November. It can be made without the liquor, a portion set aside for non-drinkers, and then the liquor added.

    We made this twice on our trip west these last ten days to visit our kids - once with our daughter and son-in-law, and again with our son and daughter-in-law, and it was greatly enjoyed by all.

    BTW, at our house, this has been more of a Christmas and New Year's Day tradition than NYE - for that I like champagne.




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