In my hunting expeditions of last week, there is something I noted and forgot to mention/ask about at the time. I found one store here in town - I think I mentioned it in another thread as the "store off the beaten path" - that has a good supply of ER101 in 750ml bottles at a very reasonable price.

My question involves the 750ml bottles. I noticed the 3 bottles at the front of the dozen or so on the shelf having a small label on the neck that says "101 Proof" in white lettering with a red background. This label is in addition to the regular one found on all 750ml bottles of ER101. I looked on the bottom of these 3 bottles and found an "05" on them. All of the remaining bottles do not have the neck label, and, looking on the bottom of these bottles there was a "00" designation.

In terms of bottle markings (of which I am completely ignorant), does this tend to point to the majority of the bottles being bottled in 2000 and perhaps the red neck labelled ones in the front being 2005 bottlings?
Maybe it is no big deal either way....just a slight variation that I noted while perusing this particular shop.