I like it when driving through Missouri. In Missouri, a lot of the Gas Stations are also liquor stores. So on the way to St. Louis, I was looking at what they were selling and it sure looks like one of the most popular bourbons is Wild Turkey 101. They sold it for just over 20 bucks, I think 21. It cose more than Jim Beam Black. It cost more than a lot of pretty good bourbon, but I had only heard on this board mention of the Rare Breed and the RR. So I was not sure but took a gamble and bought the regular 101. In fact I got it in a Traveller Flask.

So since they sell it in a Traveller Flask and in regular bottles and they have more of it than other brands I was curious what was up with that?

I tasted it and think it is really pretty good!

curious what your take on Wild Turkey 101 is and why is it so expensive? Is it as much a premium as say Elijah Craig, and Jim Beam Black etc... (it costs more).

I noticed that it does not need dilution to make it drinkable because of the taste but only because of the strength which is good. The taste is a lot different than the Jim Beam and also than the Elijah Craig, but I dont' know how to describe it.

The claim is that the Wild Turkey is aged at a lower proof so it gets more of the barrel flavors because not as much water is added to it to get it down from the barrel strength down to 101.

How do you all rate/compare it to others? And why is it so popular it is sold in all the gas stations in Missouri?