...Isn't the green label really just black label reject...
Well, yes and no. Somewhere in my email archive I've got the response to that directly from the distillery, and I'm too lazy to go search for it, but the gist is this:
Sometimes they miscalculate just how many barrels of this age from that warehouse they need to marry together to get a batch of JD #7 Black Label. The pulled barrels they don't use (often too young) are replaced, then dumped into a batch which become JD #7 Green. They were not rejected because of any inferiority; they just pulled too many too-young barrels.
You are much closer to Lynchburg than me....and, the owner of a Southaven, MS store who told me something today I find impossible to believe. He said J.D. Green is going away soon. I told him that he must be joking and I would consider it only rumor and utter nonsense.

However, he swore it was the truth. The basis for the decision he said was due to the fact that both Black & Green are now the same proof (80)....in other words, Green is hurting the sales of Black.

Now, I never was one to think Jack to be hurting in any facet of their sales. Any basis to believe such a thing? You heard anything like this? I have not heard this elsewhere nor on here. Therefore, unless you tell me otherwise, I am going to dismiss this as pure rumor and nothing more.