I have enjoyed pretty much every Bourbon I have tasted so far with the exception of a strange occurrence with 1792 Ridgemont Reserve, which when corrected I enjoyed also. Being new and adventuress, I stopped in to a liquor store today when running errands to see what they might have and picked up a bottle of McCarthy's Oregon Single-Malt Whiskey. I guess they say it is like a Scotch, if Oregon were Scotland. Not my taste for sure. Maybe the Peat? I don’t know.
I like the golden warm color of Bourbon; I find the smell inviting, and the flavor wonderful.
I see some critiques of the McCarthy's and people enjoyed it, so maybe that just tells me Scotch is not for me. Lucky to learn it at a rather inexpensive rate by Scotch Standards I guess.
I have a little wish list I have made for myself of Bourbons I have not tried, or are difficult to get out here on the west coast. McCarthy’s was on my list of things I wanted to try…so lesson learned. You Scotch drinkers are a hearty bunch! That is some “interesting” liquor!