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    Re: Bourbon from Michter\'s distillery....???

    Leif, is this is the special version of Overholt you've mentioned earlier? I'd be interested to trade for that (say a 20 year old Canadian Club if I can find one, or the new Danfield's small batch Canadian). Are you thinking of attending Sampler upcoming (April 29, Bardstown) or the Festival in in autumn? I'll be happy to open it for the crowd if we can do this.


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    Re: Bourbon from Michter\'s distillery....???

    IIRC Julian never stated where the whiskey came from just that the people that he bottled it for brought the whiskey with them, in other words it wasn't any of Julians whiskey.

    I happen to have a bottle of the 10yo rye from Lawrencburg.

    The later Bardstown bottles are bottled at the Willet Distillery.



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