Been quite awhile since I've revisited JD. But, last month I purchased 3 100ml Jack Daniel's #7 Black Label bottles in order to cannibalize the pocketable flasks for Cliff, Randy and my outing to the Seahawks-Titans game. Not wanting to simply pour the whiskey down the drain, instead I poured it into a saved 375ml flask-style bottle, not really knowing what I'd eventually do with it.
Tonight, while simply looking for something over which to pour the remnants of a 20-ounce Coke, I grabbed that saved JD. Wow, was I surprised! In both nose and taste, the overpowering sense is bananas -- or, rather, banana peels after they've been in the trash bin overnight. It is neither pleasant nor unpleasant (I'm completely neutral about it -- and unchallenged), but so lacking in complexity or 'whiskey-ness' that I'm hard-pressed to figure how this stuff makes such a splash in the whiskey marketplace.
Are my tastebuds that far gone tonight (after a single other drink!?), or is this really what Jack now tastes like? This stuff is so inconsequential I can neither like it nor hate it.