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    Jack \"Bananas\" Daniel\'s

    Been quite awhile since I've revisited JD. But, last month I purchased 3 100ml Jack Daniel's #7 Black Label bottles in order to cannibalize the pocketable flasks for Cliff, Randy and my outing to the Seahawks-Titans game. Not wanting to simply pour the whiskey down the drain, instead I poured it into a saved 375ml flask-style bottle, not really knowing what I'd eventually do with it.
    Tonight, while simply looking for something over which to pour the remnants of a 20-ounce Coke, I grabbed that saved JD. Wow, was I surprised! In both nose and taste, the overpowering sense is bananas -- or, rather, banana peels after they've been in the trash bin overnight. It is neither pleasant nor unpleasant (I'm completely neutral about it -- and unchallenged), but so lacking in complexity or 'whiskey-ness' that I'm hard-pressed to figure how this stuff makes such a splash in the whiskey marketplace.
    Are my tastebuds that far gone tonight (after a single other drink!?), or is this really what Jack now tastes like? This stuff is so inconsequential I can neither like it nor hate it.

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    Re: Jack \"Bananas\" Daniel\'s

    Tim, I have never, ever been a fan of Jack and Coke, and for that matter never like any whiskey polluted with anything other than ice or water and even that rarely. If I find myself wanting a coke cocktail (usually just because I need the caffeine for what I know is a long night ahead of me) I order Captain Morgan which for some reason to me seems to go unbelievably well with coke! So yes I am with you somewhat in that I cannot vouch for nor strongly dislike JD and Coke, and I really do seem to recall a hint of banana the last time I mixed the two, but again I am no expert by any means – just recall that the aroma and taste wasn’t something I expected. But as you say I cannot imagine why so many people like Jack and Coke? Maybe it is something they grew up with? If they like the jack why not have it straight with a coke chaser (sissies), but otherwise I really do not see that a better mixer for coke than captain morgan. Maybe I am the sissy?

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    Re: Jack \"Bananas\" Daniel\'s

    Inconsequential. I think that's it. Had some not too long ago at an open bar where it was pretty much that or JB White. Went back to JB.

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    Re: Jack \"Bananas\" Daniel\'s

    ...I really do seem to recall a hint of banana the last time I mixed the two...
    I failed to also point out that I both sniffed and sipped, too, before mixing the Jack and Coke. The mentioned bananas sensations were present prominently both neat and mixed.

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    Re: Jack \"Bananas\" Daniel\'s

    Tim, I think the point of Jack is not the whisky, it's the marketing. You can have anything with a JD logo on it and it validates your choice of product. You can play with JD cards and chips, wear your JD hat. There's probably even a JD edition of a Ford Bronco or something out there. If there is one thing JD has done, it's build a self sustaining image. I think at this point they could quit distilling whisky all together and remain a viable company for many many years.


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    Re: Jack \"Bananas\" Daniel\'s

    If there is one thing JD has done, it's build a self sustaining image. I think at this point they could quit distilling whisky all together and remain a viable company for many many years.
    Sort of like West Coast Choppers. I wonder what percentage of people sporting WCC logos on their shirts or car/truck windows have actually ridden a motorcycle, let alone actually own a bike built by them?

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    When I was drinking my one bottle of JD Single Barrel, I too detected bananas on the pallate.

    "Until I cross that bourbon borderline...." - Gary Allan

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    I can see what you are saying about the bananas. There is defiintely a hint of it. It reminds me of my girlfriends banana bread she sometimes makes.

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    I always get two things from JD: bananas and salt-water taffy. Always. I can smell and identify it from across the room. I don't find it offensive, but it's not especially appealing, either. I'll sip it if that's all that's available or if I don't feel like coughing up $10/glass for something better that I already have at home.

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    it only makes me bananas...



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