I'm trying not to be one of the complainers, and though I tried-even though I originally said that I'd have to try it first-to obtain a bottle, I wouldn't say I put much effort into it. I contacted only one retailer, instead of using some of my better contacts to try to obtain some. I really didn't try too hard because it was a bit hard to justify spending that much money on that little bottle when I had never tried it first.

However having said that, and still not begrudging BT or any of the people who managed to get a bottle, I would like to know how BT decides who was on their "preferred retailer" list. I only really wonder this because the store that I did contact is a well known and popular retailer in Louisville, that carries a large selection of bourbon (including every BT and VW as well as all the KBD products and is the only place I know of in Louisville to get Rittenhouse), yet they told me that they didn't make it onto that list! How? Why?

Oh, Well! No hard feelings. If I had really wanted some I would have tried harder. Maybe, just maybe, there is some at a bar somewhere to try