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somebody had some brass nuggets and paid the price tonight on ebay and it sure weren't me!!!
Think of all the good whiskey bottles you can get for that price! At the moment I´m enjoying brilliant stuff from all over the world (well, almost!) including my recent brilliant E.T. Lee, Blanton´s STFB, Stagg and even my newly acquired RHF has shaped up a bit even if I still regard it as a minor disappointment. Hey, I even managed to find a bottle of AAA 10yo (in Denmark, of all places!)

Dave and Roger,

Do I understand you right here, i.e. that you are advocating self-censorhip? I hope I´m wrong but if not I think you should ask yourself what constitues a true friend.

From my experience, the ones who are always nice to you are, more often than not, the same people who talk badly about you behind your back.

A true friend, on the other hand, praises and encourages you when it is deserved and, at the same time, dares to criticize you when it is called for.

I cannot in my wildest dreams think that anyone from BT who stops by at this forum would dismiss SB.com members as "enemies" just because of one complaint.

A community that chokes on its own over-friendliness is not a good thing in my book. To me it is an invitation to dullness and complacency.

Hey, even the head honcho himself, Jim, is prone to the odd venom spitting and I like him all the better for it!