This may have well been covered in a previous thread. If so, someone please be so kind to direct me. If not, or if it warrants updated thoughts/opinions, then let's have it!

As far as I know the ORVW 15yo/107 proof is now out of production or so I have heard - but please correct me if that is wrong. If one comes across a few bottles of ORVW-15/107 for about $7 less than the current going price of PFR-15/107 (in my area), which do you choose? To clarify a bit more, let's take any collectibility factor out of the picture. Let's just say one has a bottle of the ORVW to satisfy the collection factor and now, is looking to buy some more for only drinking purposes. Is it better/comparable/less than the newer PFR-15/107?

Hard questions to say the least. I am strictly asking for opinions as to drinking and not collecting. I can get 2-3 bottles of the old right now at $7 less than the new. However, I have read somewhere (not necessarily on this Forum) that the new is preferred by many of the experts over the old. In any event, both are in short supply and it would be nice to be able to buy all I find of both....but, I do not need a divorce looming on the horizon!

As normal, thanks very-very much for the assistance!!!!