Michter's Single Barrel Straight Rye barrel # 4L3p, 84.8 proof

Nose: Closed. Sappy. Oaky. Very lightly floral and spicy. Where it is supposed to speak volumes, as ryes normally do, you'd need a hearing-aid to hear it whisper.

Palate: The nose confirms it: very light. Oaky yet it seems quite young. Flawless yet uninspiring.

Finish: Short and slightly astringent with mellowing marshmallow-sweetness at the very end.

Comment: Clean and light, this could be a beginner's rye. Then again, in my book a rye whiskey shuold be bold and demanding - not like a bland straight bourbon - this is not, so what would be the point? Ultimately bland and bland and bland and dull.

Have a great weekend, folks!