My recent WhiskyFest compatriots will vouch for my seemingly aimless mumbling (Something to the effect of, "Why's it $30 cheaper at home? We don't get deals like that in Tennessee!") at Binny's and Sam's in Chicago as I perused the Michter's 10yo bourbons and ryes priced at $56.99. I just shrugged it off, figuring I'd mistaken something I thought I'd seen locally, and didn't think about again till today when I saw some in an area store for that same $56.99 price. THAT confirmed to me I'd been mistaken about the local price, but glancing down a shelf, I spotted the Michter's US-1 whiskey and rye, which WERE $30 less -- and the bottles were distinctively different.
Well, you know what I did when I got back in my neighborhood, of course -- I made a beeline to the store where I thought I'd seen the 10yo single-barrels for the US-1 prices. Sure enough, both were still marked $26.99 -- so I grabbed one of each for less combined than either one ought to be. There were still at least two of each on the shelf.
So, should I have tipped off the storeowner he apparently has $56 whiskey priced as its $26 sibling? Or should I go back and grab the rest before somebody does point out his mistake and it's too late?
Really, I don't feel at all morally culpable for taking an item for the price offered -- it's not like I talked him down or anything. They've been at that price since January. Still, he's technically guilty of illegal pricing (selling below his cost, not allowed in TN), unless the distributor screwed up its pricing to him, in which case he's in for a heckuva surprise when he eventually reorders.