I have recently noticed a resurgance of beers that were aged in barrels(or in tanks with oak in them). Before I left Louisville, I counted at least 6 bottlings that pronounced their "oakedness". Though several of those were carrying crazy prices, a few were reasonable. I brought one of those down with me to enjoy at the end of my first week of school(somehow that's today, as we started on a Tuesday). So this evening I'm partaking of:

Great Divide Brewing Co.'s Oak Aged Yeti Imperial Stout.( in the ever lovely 22oz bottle)

The pour reveals a lovely black ale topped by a short-lived, medium brown head.

The aroma is darkly floral, that hints at its well-hopped(for a stout) nature.

The taste contains a good balance of oak and hops layered over the creamy base of malty goodness. This is a thick beer(as an Imperial stout should be). It has a velvety mouthfeel.

The finish is quite long and sweet (and I suspect cloyingly so by the time I finish the bottle)

Overall I think this is a succesful product, though I would really like to see some of the breweries use these techniques in some more standard fare(say, a Bitter?) to really relive what beer was like.