Its been awhile since we've done a posting of our favorite whiskeys. There have been a number of new products issued.....Bernheim Wheat, WLWeller Barrel Proof, two Staggs in 2005, new OFBB, Four Grain, Pappy 15, etc since we last did this. It will be interesting to see if any new products make someone's top ten. Guidelines.....bourbon or rye, currently available or long gone (or even not available yet).....just name your 10 favorites. In my case, the order is unimportant.....they are all top whiskeys.

1. ORVW 15/107
2. WT Tribute
3. VWSR 12yo SB - "Van Blankle"
4. HH 20yo Rye (to be released Fall 2006)
5. Wathens (late '90's bottlings)
6. Stagg '02 (could easily substitue other years here)
7. VWFR 14yo Bourbon (bottled Dec '84..and an excellent 16yo, thanks JVW)
8. Rock Hill Farms
9. VOF/VVOF 12yo's from '60's (can be hit or miss)
10. Black Maple Hills 16yo (JVW bottling)

Runners up include WT12yo, EW 15yo (Japanese market), Hirsch 16yo and VW's 12yo Old Time Rye.