I decided I was going to have a Sazerac or two tonight, so I broke out the ingredients and made one with 6yo Sazerac Rye. As before, I added some Regan's Orange Bitters along with the Peychaud's, with 1/4 tsp. of Herbsaint pastis.

The Rittenhouse Sazeracs I had last time were good, but this is even better - the extra complexity of the Saz Rye shows up in the drink - but even the Rittenhouse version is yummy. The sweet/bitter/spice/licorice combination is nicely woven together.

By the way, I recently saw premade Sazerac Cocktail bottles - and the bottle indicates that the mix uses bourbon and brandy (but not in what proportions, nor which ones). I'd presume BT or a BT brand for the bourbon, in any case.