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    The HH glass is etched (I hope that's the right word), while the others are imprinted.
    I was mistaken in regard to the HH logo glass. The logo appears to be applied in the same manner as the other glasses. Now I wonder whether my memory of a difference in price is accurate.

    Yours truly,
    Dave Morefield
    Yours truly,
    Dave Morefield

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    Quote Originally Posted by MTBottle
    Any recommendations on where to buy these?

    I just broke one of the two I own and would like to replace it. My searches online are only finding overseas retailers but I would prefer to buy here in the USA and hopefully save on shipping charges.
    You can buy them from the Malt Advocate magazine's web store for $19.99/pair plus shipping. https://www.maltadvocate.com/active_...arketplace.asp

    When these first came out, I got together orders from area readers of Distilled Beverage Digest, an now moribund listserve that I "owned," and our local homebrew store. I think we got orders for about 50, and the owner of my local wine store direct imported two cases (72 glasses) and sold the rest from the shelves.

    As I recall, these cost us $6-7 each.

    However, I have recently got two pair of Riedel "O" spirit and port glasses and far prefer these to the Glencairn glasses. The seem to enhance the flavor and aroma far better than the Glencairn. They aren't as clunky ugly, either, but they are thinner, so easier to break (I'm down to three.)

    My wife got these for me from http://www.wineenthusiast.com for $14.95/pr. with free shipping.

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    I love my HH Glencairn glass. The price was around 9. Shipping around 4. Please let us know how your ordering experience goes.

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    Found a pic for you guys:
    Attached Images Attached Images

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    Thanks everybody! I got my new glasses yesterday and they are great! I bought the HH, the EC, and the EW to add to my one lone bourbon glass collection. The people and the service at the HH Bourbon Heritage Center were top notch.




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