I picked up a bottle of this the other night. The bottle indicates that it uses a mix of bourbon and brandy, plus "caramel and natural flavors." I poured some into an Old Fashioned glass and had it, and after I finished it, I mixed my own using Sazerac 6yo Rye/Peychaud's/Regan's/Herbsaint.

The official bottling is good, but the handmade version is better, IMO. I might try spiking the next pour of the official version with some extra Peychaud's, and maybe some Regan's Orange Bitters as well. I could clearly taste the brandy in the official version (and that is not a minus). I think it just needs a bit of perking up - maybe even an extra dash of Herbsaint.

I might also try experimenting sometime with something like 50% BT and 50% Cognac instead of rye in a future handmade mix.