I have learned much these past few days reading the many posts here at Straight Bourbon. I think I'm somewhat disavantaged being here in Australia so seek elaborations upon the following. About twenty years ago I purchased a Jack Daniels 'Lincoln Bell' decanter containing 1.5 litres of joy. This certainly tasted somewhat different to the Old No7 I'd been accustomed to. At that stage the importation of Jack Daniels 'green label' was to soon cease so I actually never tasted a green label myself. Can anybody tell me precisely what bourbon went into these decanters ? This decanter had 'Jack Daniels' acid etched into the glass and was of a most attractive design.

Jack Daniels decanters after this time ceased the acid etching which was replaced with decals. Even the decanter shape has changed significantly since this time and today is far less appealing than the earlier designs.

Now I reckon thats Great Mate - woof!