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    Question For Medicinal Purposes Only…

    A couple of weeks ago I picked up a couple of items that I found on E-bay for the back of our bar.

    The first was an unopened and sealed ½ Pint of Old Taylor (100 proof; Made Fall 1916; Bottled Fall 1931). The American Medicinal Spirits Company distributed this whiskey. From what I have read so far, this is one of a few companies that were licensed to lawfully sell whisky during Prohibition. Going by the dates, this would be fifteen-year-old bourbon. I believe this is more aged than normal for that time period but I assume they bottled their store of barrels, as they needed for the whiskey to supply the hospitals and pharmacies. Is this correct? Is there anything else that anyone can tell me about this Old Taylor whiskey?

    Separately, I found a medical prescription for “whiskey” also dated in 1931. So what would be the common reasons that a Mr. T.E. George of Sacramento, California receives a prescription for in 1931? My question is, what were the medicinal uses for whiskey? Were medical reasons made up to distribute the product?

    Thanks in advance.

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